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Movistar Car is the special service of the blue operator that turns any car into a connected car. This means having WiFi in the car, an automatic call to 112 in the event of an impact, GPS with personalized alerts, a browser without consumption, maintenance alerts and special offers (gasoline, insurance and more). All this is possible thanks to an application and a small device that we connect to the car. In addition, until the end of August Movistar Car can be obtained without paying a registration fee and with the first three months totally free.

Movistar Car celebrated one year in the market as a solution to connect any car to the Internet. Thanks to a small device that connects to the OBD port of our car and an application to control various aspects or receive alerts, we will be able to do many things or be located in the event of an accident.

At first, it came with 3GB to surf the shared WiFi inside the car, but now it offers 10GB to navigate until September 30, 2020. In case of exhausting the data included in the rate, we can hire Extra Data Bonuses charged to the invoice of the holder of the Movistar Car service at a rate of 5GB for 5 euros.

movistar car

Its price is 20 euros as a registration fee and 3 euros per month. However, we have a valid promotion for Movistar customers and new Movistar Car hires until August 31, 2020. This allows us to have a free registration fee, the first 3 free and the 10GB to navigate. It can only be enjoyed once per customer. The price after the promotion is 3 euros per month again.

What does Movistar Car offer?

These are the 6 benefits from Movistar Car:

  1. Exclusive Wifi. Connect and browse with the 10GB of Movistar Car and forget about consuming data from your mobile rate.
  2. Movistar Car SOS. If you suffer an impact, Movistar Car will help you manage the 112 emergency service.
  3. GPS for car. Movistar Car is the car gps that tells you where your car is, and sends you personalized alerts.
  4. Browser without consumption. It provides you with the optimal routes, calculating the traffic on your routes and warning of speed cameras.
  5. Alerts and maintenance. Schedule appointments related to the maintenance of your car and receive alerts of possible failures, if your car is taken by the tow truck or if it receives an impact.
  6. Get the best discounts on refueling, insurance and maintenance of your car.

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