Friday Freebie August 7th: Wilmot's Warehouse & 3 of 10 – WePC

For a limited time, the Wilmot’s Warehouse abstract puzzle game is available completely free of charge. The Epic Game Store is available now through August 13 and is giving away free copies of Wilmot’s Warehouse. The prerequisite for this is warehouse management, where you have to manage inventory in a warehouse, process incoming deliveries and ensure that customers receive their orders on time.

Sounds a bit boring on paper and certainly not the way I wanted to spend my free time in reality, but a pretty minimalist art style, charming presentation, and snappy controls make it attractive as a puzzle game.

There are some elements of Tetris here where you rotate different blocks in real time to stack them efficiently, but also to keep items of the same type together. You also need to keep your customers happy by delivering their required orders in a timely manner and processing incoming shipments so the truck is emptied and the driver can start moving the next shipment.

Here is the description of the game by the developer:

“You play as Wilmot, a hard-working warehouse worker who has to push, sort and stack a variety of products. Over time, more and more truckloads of these products will arrive and fill the warehouse step by step. How you arrange them all is entirely up to you – by color, type, Dewey decimal system, or some wild format that only you understand – all is well! Remember where you put everything because when the service hatch opens, you need to quickly find the things you want to get the coveted Performance Stars required for all kinds of labor-saving upgrades. “

It can be played entirely as a solo game, but can also be played in a split-screen cooperative if you want to partner with a partner. However, it could be the kind of game that can create tension if you can’t work together efficiently.

It is a simple 2D game with relatively modest system requirements and pretty much every humble gaming PC should be able to handle this game with ease.

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