Fritz OS 7.20: Update with over 100 innovations

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The major update Fritz OS 7.20 is available today. It contains many free, new functions for the boxes and repeaters of the manufacturer.

The roll-out of Fritz OS 7.20 starts today with the Fritz Box 7590, the Fritz Repeater 2400 will get the update shortly. More products will follow in the next few weeks. Users receive the new operating system automatically or with just one click on the user interface of the Fritz Box.

Stronger WiFi mesh, faster VPN connections and more efficient use of network storage: The major update to Fritz OS 7.20 promises a lot of performance gain for the user. There are also new convenience functions for the smart home network, telephony and the Fritz Fon.

The new WPA3 encryption standard ensures security. Support for new standards when making calls and the encrypted resolution of domain names (“DNS over TLS”) also provide more protection.

The operating system update brings well over 100 innovations. The 20 top features are summarized in this article. There is more information on the manufacturer’s website.

WiFi and mesh

1. All Fritzbox models and Fritz repeaters support with the update WPA3, the new standard for more WLAN security.

2nd The new “Performance Mesh Steering” improves the WLAN connections of mobile devices. In addition, the Fritzbox’s improved auto channel selection now also takes into account the WiFi environment of the mesh repeaters. This automatically selects the best WiFi channel for the complete WiFi mesh from Fritz.

3rd A public WLAN hotspot can now be set up at the guest WiFi access, in which the data is securely encrypted – thanks to “Enhanced Open / Opportunistic Wireless Encryption” (OWE). For example, users in cafés or doctor’s surgeries can safely use a public WLAN hotspot without the need for access data.

4th Particularly powerful Fritzbox models such as B. Fritzbox 7590 or Fritzbox 6591 Cable now use 160 MHz wide radio channels, so that data in the 5 GHz band can be transported even faster in conjunction with compatible WLAN devices.


5. With the new device lock, the Internet access of selected devices in the home network can be switched off and on with just one click.

6. The new encrypted domain name resolution, the “DNS over TLS” function, gives users more protection when surfing the Internet.

7. The Fritzbox models 7590, 7530 and 6890 LTE support “VDSL Long Reach”. High download rates are possible even over long distances between the distribution box and Fritzbox if the network provider already supports this new technology.

8th. Starting with Fritz OS 7.20, the Fritzbox 6591 Cable and 6660 Cable also have the DVB-C streaming feature. This enables free-to-air cable TV stations to be transmitted at home via WLAN.


9. The transfer speed of VPN connections almost tripled – good for secure data exchange between home office and office as well as VPN dial-in to the Fritzbox (for Fritzbox 7590, 6660 Cable, 6591 Cable).

10th In addition, some other improvements have been made, such as restricting the VPN connection to certain home network devices or the possibility to set the support of NetBIOS individually for individual VPN connections.

Fritz! Fon

11. Nine new ringtones are now available for Fritz Fon, and Fritz Fon models have an option to select sound settings for listening to media and phone calls.

12th Entering telephone numbers becomes even easier, as the Fritz Fon’s smart phone book suggests suitable phone book entries as you enter the number.

13. The Fritz Fon receives a new start screen for the temperature display of a smart home device from Fritz, such as the upcoming button Fritz Dect 440, the radiator controller Fritz Dect 301 or an intelligent switch socket Fritz Dect200 / 210.


14. Fritz OS 7.20 supports encrypted voice transmission according to the TLS and SRTP standards when making calls, for example on a telecommunications connection.

15. Starting with Fritz OS 7.20, the Fritzbox supports even more online phone books for the uniform management of all contacts: Apple (iCloud), Deutsche Telekom (Telekom Mail) and those from CardDAV providers.

16. In addition, Fritz OS 7.20 brings numerous innovations to convenience functions such as the answering machine, the fax function or call forwarding.

Smart home

17th To make it easier to control and manage the increasing number of smart home devices in the home network, the smart home pages of the Fritzbox user interface have been redesigned.

18th Fritz OS 7.20 supports the soon available Fritz Dect 500 LED lamp and the four-button Fritz Dect 440.

Multilingual user interface and network storage

19th As of Fritz OS 7.20, a language and a country can be selected via the user interface of the Fritzbox. Up to seven languages ​​(German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish) and over 40 countries are available.

20. Users who use the Fritzbox as network storage – Fritz Nas – receive improved performance when using the Windows network drive function to access the USB storage media. Fritzbox now supports the SMBv2 and v3 protocol as of Fritz OS 7.20.

Update 7.20 can be installed with just one click via the start page of the Fritzbox user interface ( In addition, AVM recommends that all users check whether there are updates for other Fritz products such as repeaters, powerline products or Fritz Fon. These updates are also displayed on the Fritzbox homepage.

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