Fritzbox: Install the laboratory version of FritzOS

On this page you can see whether AVM provides a laboratory version for your Fritzbox model. In addition to the listed products, the date of the current beta release is shown. If your router is included in the list, click the button To the current FRITZ! Laboratory.

On the following page you will find detailed information on which new functions are included in the pre-release version, such as support for WPA3. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the known issues that may prevent you from making good use of the beta. Before installing the laboratory version, AVM strongly advises you to install the current release version.

When all prerequisites are met, scroll down on the website until the section Select the FRITZ! Box model appears. Now check your model in the checkbox Yes, I have read the information and would like to start the download. Only then will the download button appear and you can download the laboratory version.

After you have saved the zip file on your computer, unzip the archive. You can do this with the on-board tools in Windows 10 or with a tool such as 7-Zip. You will then find three files in the unpack directory, of which the file with the extension image is the laboratory version to be installed. The other two contain information on new functions and general handling of the beta release.

Now you can carry out the update via the user interface of the Fritzbox. The following steps refer to a Fritzbox 6591 Cable. However, the procedure should be applicable to all modern AVM routers.

First open the Fritzbox GUI by typing the address in any browser call. After you have logged in with your password, switch on the extended view. You can find the option by clicking on the three dots below one another at the top right.

Then navigate to via the left sidebar System / update and switch to the tab FRITZ! OS file. On this page is the option Create backup file before the update activated by default. Follow this recommendation and create a backup of the current Fritzbox configuration. This is the only way to quickly return to the stable release firmware in the event of an incident.

If this is done, click under point 2 (Select the firmware file that matches your FRITZ! Box model …) on the button Search. Navigate to the folder with the previously extracted files and select the image file. Then you return to the previous dialog, click the button Start update and follow the further instructions.

As long as the update is in progress, the info LED on the Fritzbox flashes. In this phase you must never disconnect the box from the mains. After the process has been successfully completed, the router restarts and is then available again. (ad)

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