Fritzbox: Use your own announcements for answering machines

solution: A separate announcement for the Fritzbox answering machine is subject to two restrictions: It can be a maximum of 60 seconds long and must be available as a WAV or MP3 file. You can speak your text in different ways. For example, if you use a headset on your computer, you can use it with an audio recorder such as the free Audacity. With this free software, the recording can even be edited extensively. A smartphone in combination with an app such as the Smart Recorder is also suitable for recording your own announcement.

No matter which method you prefer: At the end there is a file in the appropriate format, which you then transfer to the Fritzbox. To do this, carry out the steps described below for a Fritzbox 6591 Cable. However, the procedure should be applicable to all modern AVM routers.

First open the Fritzbox GUI by entering the address in any browser call. After you have logged on to the graphical user interface, navigate to via the left sidebar Telephony / answering machine.

If there are several answering machines set up, select the one you want and click the button next to it Settings. In the following dialog you can in the right window area under Esettings for recording and announcement change the specifications of the Fritzbox.

For both the greeting and end announcement (in section Record messages) as well as for the announcement (in section Announcement only) you can use your own language files. To do this, click on the respective button with the pencil symbol. Activate the option on the next page Own announcement and click the browse button. Now select the desired file with your announcement text and click on OKto apply the settings.

Users who do not have a computer with a microphone or a smartphone can also record their own announcement directly via the voice menu. To do this, use a telephone connected to the Fritzbox to dial the answering machine’s internal number, for example ** 600. You can find this number in the Fritzbox user interface Telephony / Phonebook / Internal numbers.

To navigate between the individual items, follow the instructions in the voice menu and press the relevant key on the phone. For example, you can get from the main menu with 4th to the point Record announcement and can then use 1 a greeting and with 3rd record a final announcement.

You can also use the voice menu to listen to the currently active announcement text. For example, to listen to the greeting, press the buttons in succession in the main menu 4th, 1, 1.

Products: The trick works with all current AVM routers, the example refers to the Fritzbox 6591 Cable with Fritz! OS 07.13.

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