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Frog Fractions: Decade Edition game now available on Steam – WePC

Frog Fractions: Decade Edition game now available on Steam – WePC

In Frog Fractions you play as a frog on a lily pad. Your job is to eat as many beetles as possible to prevent them from eating your fruits. If you can protect your fruits, you can collect them.

As the game progresses, upgrades are introduced that you can purchase with the fruits if you want to take your insect eating to the next level. These upgrades include swapping your humble lily pad for a turtle that you can use to float back and forth to better defend your fruits. You can also upgrade to lock-on targeting for your enemies, a cybernetic brain and also a flying dragon. Once on board the flying kite, it is all the easier to avoid projectiles fired by enemy insects.

There are also DLCs to buy if you want to upgrade, as well as in-game upgrades. For the ultimate frog experience, you can buy a hat for your frog so you can zap beetles in style.

Another element of the game changes the click-to-eat mechanics with a writing exercise. Instead of clicking, you need to quickly type the word associated with each mistake. At first glance, this seems to be a good little game for kids who want to practice typing. Be warned though, this game gets hilarious pretty quickly. In the end, you’ll turn off the pond for various environments, including a courthouse, an underwater camp, and a porn store.

Overall, it’s a fun (and bizarre) little game if you’re looking for something light that goes a few minutes here and there. Have you ever played Frog Fractions or other browser games? Are you going to take up this game? Let us know in the comments.

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