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From August on German free TV, already in the stream (OV)

From August on German free TV, already in the stream (OV)

While the wait for the fourth season here in Germany felt like it was going on, “Legends of Tomorrow” season 5 will run on Free TV right afterwards. Where you can see the fifth season in the stream and everything else worth knowing about “Legends of Tomorrow” can be found here on GIGA.

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“Legends of Tomorrow”: Season 5 Germany starts

While fans of the time-traveling superheroes had to wait almost a year and a half for the broadcast of the German episodes of season 4, ProSieben seems to want to make up for it: after the season 4 season finale ran on August 10, 2020, it works from August 17, 2020 continue with season 5 on the same slot. As usual you always see Mondays from 9:05 p.m. the latest episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” on the free TV station ProSieben MAXX.

With a total of 15 episodes, the fifth season of “Legends of Tomorrow” is the shortest so far. This should not be a cause for concern for fans, however, since the US broadcaster “The CW” has already ordered another one at the start of season five.

“Legends of Tomorrow”: Where can I watch season 5 in the stream?

If you cannot receive ProSieben MAXX, you can also watch the channel free of charge via Joyn in the live stream. Alternatively, you can catch up on the episodes up to four weeks after the first broadcast in Joyn’s on-demand offering.

In the USA, the season finale of Season 5 ran in June 2020. That’s why you can buy the entire season digitally here in Germany as OV / OmU from various streaming services. If you have no problem with the original English sound or subtitles, you can watch “Legends of Tomorrow” Season 5 at the following video-on-demand providers:

Picture: The CW

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Episode Guide – “Legends of Tomorrow” S5

episode German title Original title TV premiere (D)
1 (68) Parallel Earth Crisis (5) Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five 08/17/2020
Kara cannot believe that the destruction of the multiverse and thus the merging of all worlds into a single earth should not have been a dream. In addition, she and J’onn seem to be the only ones who can remember the past events. Apparently some things have changed, but the superheroes only become aware of the full extent over time.
2 (69) TBA Meet the Legends Vsl. 24.08.2020
3 (70) TBA Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me Vsl. 08/31/2020
4 (71) TBA Slay Anything TBA
5 (72) TBA A Head of Her Time TBA
6 (73) TBA Mortal Khanbat TBA
7 (74) TBA Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac TBA
8 (75) TBA Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness TBA
9 (76) TBA Zari, Not Zari TBA
10 (77) TBA The Great British Fake-Off TBA
11 (78) TBA Ship broken TBA
12 (79) TBA Freaks and Greeks TBA
13 (80) TBA I Am Legends TBA
14 (81) TBA The One Where We’re Trapped On TV TBA
15 (82) TBA Swan Thong TBA

Text: ProSieben MAXX

Thanks to streaming services, you are no longer dependent on linear television programs and the constant repetition of TV channels. The long train journey can be shortened with a film on your smartphone. And thanks to the increasingly affordable prices and better lamp life, more and more people can now fulfill their dream of a home cinema with a projector. We therefore ask the GIGA community: How do you watch films and series?

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