From October, Zurich will be a "crime scene" city

Picture: © ARD / SF DRS / ORF
Image: © ARD / SF DRS / ORF

After Bern and Lucerne, Switzerland will soon be sending Zurich into the circle of “crime scene” cities. Now the premiere date has been set.

Banking center, trendy hotspot, cultural and media metropolis with chic Bahnhofstrasse, chocolate tradition, clean Limmat, clear lake and alpine panorama: Zurich will be the “Tatort” city in October. More specifically on October 18th. Then, according to Swiss television, the city comes into the circle of Sunday crime cities. The city with around 400,000 inhabitants, whose metropolitan area has around one and a half million inhabitants, is the largest city in Switzerland.

Before Zurich was selected by Swiss television, Bern (1990 to 2002) and Lucerne (2011 to 2019) were federal “crime scene” cities. Of the 50 “crime scene” years, Switzerland was there with its own team for a good 20 years. The Swiss commissioner Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser) was also involved in “crime scenes” in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

The new team is called Grandjean and Ott. They are the actresses Anna Pieri Zuercher (as lawyer Isabelle Grandjean) and Carol Schuler (as case analyst Tessa Ott). The characters and the concept for the Zurich “Tatort” as well as the scripts for the first two cases were developed by Stefan Brunner (“Freud”, series by Netflix / ORF) and the novelist Lorenz Langenegger (“Year Without Winter”). The authors also worked together on Lucerne’s “Tatort: ​​Music dies last”, which was shot without editing.

The first case of the new investigator duo is called “Züri brännt” and leads to Zurich in the 80s, a time of youth revolt in the largest city in Switzerland. The shooting took place on Sechseläutenplatz in front of the opera and in Club Gonzo on the trendy Langstrasse.

The second case, which is to be broadcast in spring 2021, is entitled “Schoggilänke” (which roughly means chocolate life or the chocolate side of life) and confronts the new inspectors with a death on the Zürichberg in which the patron of a chocolate factory was murdered.

Both cases were directed by Swiss filmmaker Viviane Andereggen (“Simon says goodbye to his foreskin”, “character assassination”).

“The shooting for episodes 3 and 4 will start at the end of the year. This, of course, provided that Corona doesn’t thwart our plans this time, ”said a spokeswoman for Swiss television for the German press agency. The first two thrillers were shot without any problems before the corona pandemic.

Speaking of Zurich as a crime city: Since 2016 there has also been an ARD Thursday thriller called “Der Zürich-Krimi” with Christian Kohlund as attorney Thomas Borchert. So far, there have been nine films that have “Tatort” – the same ratings of more than seven million viewers in Germany. The film is shot in Zurich and Prague.

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  • Crime scene opening credits: © ARD / SF DRS / ORF

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