Futuristic thriller "Project Power" on Netflix today

Hollywood stands still, the studios are postponing the release dates of major films and some series hits have been put on hold in the middle of the production of new seasons. It is unusual for a film like “Project Power” to come out in this environment. The cop thriller with a dash of superhero film cost $ 85 million, one of the most expensive productions ever for the streaming provider Netflix. He has been online with the streaming service since Friday.

There had already been a bidding contest for the script by newcomer Mattson Tomlin, a rarity for the work of an almost unknown author. The story, carried by the actors Jamie Foxx (“Django Unchained”, “Ray”) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“Inception”) with its dark sci-fi touch, takes the hit look of hits like “Joker” or the “Avengers” films.

It tells how ex-soldier Art (Foxx) wants to free his daughter from the hands of a powerful corporation that is working on a wonder drug. The pill confers superhuman abilities such as strength, speed or invulnerability for five minutes – but it is not clear what exactly the drug triggers before it is taken. Against the backdrop of New Orleans, Art tries to stop the pharmaceutical company’s machinations together with a cop (Levitt) and the teenage dealer Robin (Dominique Fishback).

This story, which was actually made for the big screen, is told with not always conclusive changes in tempo and with extremely rapid changes from irony to tension and drama. Without a doubt, “Project Power”, which was shot in 2018, is a longed-for foretaste of the return of the blockbusters that have not been released this spring and summer. “I want people to have a good time with the film. I want them to be able to escape, ”main actor Jamie Foxx told the dpa news agency. “This movie is just an opportunity to have a good time and get the popcorn out.”

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