Galaxy Note 20 release date has been leaked

Although we see new mobile terminals being presented throughout the year, there are two periods in which this acquires a fairly high level of intensity, at the beginning of the year with fairs such as CES or Mobile World Congres and at the end of the year. the Christmas campaign.

However, in summer we have a very special appointment that is usually the most important of the summer period, the one chosen by Samsung to present its new Galaxy note.

Galaxy Note 20 to be announced in August

Galaxy Note 20 release date has been leaked

Although there is still no official date confirmed by Samsung, some leaks indicate that the next Galaxy Note 20 will be announced on August 5th at an event where we may see more models announced.

We still do not know if the Galaxy Note 20 will come in two versions or in three, as has happened with the Galaxy S20. We do know at least that there will be two because a few days ago we saw the first official images leaked by the Russian branch of the Korean company.

In addition to the launch of the Galaxy Note 20, new versions of the two Samsung folding devices are expected, the Z Flip 5G and the Galaxy Fold 2. Of course, there are also some rumors that Samsung will hold another event in September, at which time Which could be these two phones, a few days before Apple announced the iPhone 12.

There would also be a somewhat stranger possibility, and that is that on August 5 the new Samsung folding phones will be announced and the following month the Galaxy Note 20, although the leaks and logic do not point to that possibility as probable.

Regarding prices, there are still no official or leaked figures, although estimates suggest that the cheapest model could touch the 1000 dollars.

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