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Gas grill with four burners sells for a hammer price

Gas grill with four burners sells for a hammer price

If you have a garden, terrace or large balcony, you also need a decent gas grill. At Netto there is currently the El Fuego “Houston” on offer, which wants to score with a chic design, four burners and a very reasonable price. GIGA tells you the details.

El Fuego sells “Houston” for 175.45 euros

Cooking on a gas grill is not only easy and quick, it is also a relatively clean affair. At Netto there is currently the gas grill El Fuego “Houston” on offer, which convinces with a beautiful housing in black. Only the twist grips and parts of the shelves are made of stainless steel. This makes the grill look very clean and of high quality even after a long time. Three main burners, each with an output of 3 kW, are hidden under the cover. This allows the food to be properly lit. A fourth burner is installed on the side, on which you can then prepare other things. The price of 175.45 euros can be reached by entering the coupon code “N-NETTO-10” in the shopping cart. There are no shipping costs.

The gas grill is on wheels and can be easily transported. Two castors can be braked for a secure stand. The enamelled grill grate is large enough to supply a party with food to be grilled – but not too large to waste unnecessarily much gas. You have a good mediocrity here at a fair price of only 175.45 euros.

Does a gas grill suit you at all?

What is the net gas grill good for?

Most customers are enthusiastic about the grill and are very impressed with the price-performance ratio. The rust was bent at one of the buyers, but that can be due to transport damage. Overall, the El Fuego “Houston” seems to be doing a good job. One shouldn’t forget that it costs well under 200 euros and still convinces.

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