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The car can become a ruin this summer if we consider that the price of gasoline continues to rise after several weeks below the minimum for obvious reasons, mobility was drastically reduced with confinement and this caused the price of fuel It will drop to record lows. In this sense it is always good to know where gasoline / diesel is cheaper, but this year also adds that many of us are not going to leave the country for vacations, so the car can become a perfect ally and The GasAll application will allow us to save a lot of money on fuel.

This is not a new application, I have personally installed it on my iPhone for a long time but in recent months it is becoming the perfect ally to save on filling my tank, both on the motorcycle and the car. If you are one of those who use a private car daily to get around to go to work, take children to school, etc, this free application It can make your pocket notice a drop in spending.

Its operation is really simple and allows you to see all the gas stations in our area or areas we go on vacation to see the price of fuel at that precise moment as it is updated frequently. Logically, if this gas station falls too far, it may not be worth going to it, but if it is on the way, we can use it and save a few euros in filling the car.


In this case it allows you to enable a certain area from the app settings that are in the upper right, we can adjust the map with Standard, Hybrid or Satellite view, it allows modifying the number of gas stations that appear on the map, the capacity of our tank or the type of fuel we use among other options.

The application has a payment option of 0.99 euros that allows us to eliminate advertisingBut I am not telling you that it is not necessary to pay anything for it. If you did not know it, this can be an interesting app to save on your vacation or day to day.

GasAll: Gas Stations Spain (AppStore Link)

GasAll: Gas Stations Spain

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