GBoard already has real-time translation with voice

GBoard is one of the most used keyboards on Android. Despite not being perfect, it is one of the ones that receives the most news, and if what you are looking for is integration with other Google services, it should be your first option to choose.

Keyboard translation is a feature that has been around for a long time, but Google has managed to perfect it by finally adding voice dictation so that you can translate into any language from your voice in any application.

Instant translation in GBoard, this is how it works

At the beginning of the year we learned about a new function of the Google translator. This function was known as instant translation and it was capable of translating in real time what we said with our voice into another language. The technology itself is still not accurate, but given its immediacy it is totally worth it.

Now, Google has decided to bring this technology to GBoard, a keyboard that already had integration with the Google translator, but which today was unable to translate texts with the voice. In its latest update this changes, and it is that from now on we can instantly translate our voice.

Just update GBoard and activate the translator. If before our only option was to write, now the microphone button will appear so that we can start talking.

As Google has confirmed to Android Police, the new feature is starting to roll out for all users right now. As usual, this type of deployment is carried out progressively through a server.

In our tests we have not had any problem to enable the function, and after installing version 9.7 of Gboard it has worked for us instantly. If you are curious you can download it in APKMirror or wait a few hours or days for this update to reach the Google Play Store.




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