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Gboard, the keyboard of Google, prepares for a great renovation

Gboard, the keyboard of Google, prepares for a great renovation

Google Lens, new font and stronger colors for the Google keyboard.

Gboard, the Google keyboard, is close to receiving a good number of news to become an even more complete keyboard than it already is. And it is not surprising that it has become the preferred keyboard application by many users, including myself.

It seems that Google wants to pamper your keyboard, and for this reason it has prepared things like a new font, a shortcut for Google Lens and some more things that, Except surprise, we will see arrive in version 9.6 of Gboard, Let’s take a look at them!

Gboard for Android

Gboard has been receiving improvements from Google since its launch

These are the novelties that come to Gboard in version 9.6

Google has introduced in the Android 11 beta a new version of Gboard in which you can see some of the news that Google has prepared for its keyboard, and We will see these when the company definitively releases this version for download by any user, something that should happen sooner rather than later.

The people of 9to5Google have thoroughly examined the APK and discovered several new features, the first is nothing more nor less than an improved dark mode, with some colors that contrast more. In addition, it will now allow the keyboard color to go hand in hand with the dark mode, so if we activate this, we will see how the keyboard changes color along with the entire interface.

Google keyboard wallpaper

Google keyboard allows you to set custom backgrounds

In addition, the company will introduce Google Sans as the source for keyboard keys. This is the font that Google uses on its devices and we like it very much for its simplicity and for having design lines that are very pleasing to the eye.

In addition to this, Google is testing the integration with Google Lens, which consists of a launcher for app –As well as with Google Assistant–, which will appear in the keyboard taskbar along with the other shortcuts that Gboard currently has.

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