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German TV premiere: "Blood on the Wall – Mexico's drug war"

German TV premiere: "Blood on the Wall – Mexico's drug war"

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In this documentary, National Geographic accompanies people on their dangerous flight from Central America to the United States and shows how the escalating conflicts and the massive drug problem in society could have occurred.

Poverty, unworthy living conditions and escalating violence are good reasons to flee Mexico. But the first flow of refugees to the USA in 2018 has grown to a real flood of people today – the situation in Mexico and Central America has deteriorated drastically in recent years. National Geographic shows in the documentary film “Blood on the Wall – Mexico’s Drug War” what effects the drug war has on Mexican society and what causes the developments.

The documentary by renowned filmmakers Sebastian Junge and Nick Quested takes a relentless look at the dangerous developments in Mexico and Central America, which are largely based on corruption and wrong political decisions. They accompany individual people very closely on their difficult escape and contrast individual facts with background information and facts. The recordings are supplemented by interviews with lawyers and political analysts.

National Graphic shows “Blood on the Wall – Mexico’s drug war” on September 26th at 9 p.m. as a German TV premiere. The documentary is then available either in the original English or the German dubbed version via Sky Go, Sky On Demand, Sky Ticket, in the Megathek on MagentaTV, UPC Switzerland as well as Vodafone Select and GigaTV on Demand.

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