Germany does poorly in terms of data security

Maksim Kabakou

The password manager NordPass examined which user data is available on the network. It should have emerged that there are a lot of unsecured databases in Germany.

In Germany, researchers are said to have found 361 unsecured databases with 248,252,244 entries. Including data such as emails, passwords and telephone numbers. This puts Germany in fourth place in an international comparison. In total, databases in 20 countries have been examined. From June 2019 to June 2020, Nordpass worked with a white hat hacker in the study who searched Elasticsearch and mongoDB libraries for unprotected databases. The hacker wants to remain anonymous.

According to NordPass China, the leader in the ranking should be. More than 3000 exposed databases have been found there. That means that over two billion user accounts are at risk. According to the study, the United States follows in second place with almost 3000 unsecured databases

You don’t need hackers!

NordPass explains that some of this data should not be of much use. However, some of them could do great damage. Some of the biggest data leaks in recent years have resulted from exposed databases, the company said. As an example, Nordpass mentions an incident from last year in which millions of Facebook records were visible on a public Amazon server. To find such open databases, only a few clicks are possible. You don’t need hackers. According to NordPass security expert Chad Hammond, with the right equipment, the entire Internet can be scanned in just 40 minutes.

According to Hammond, data encryption, identity management and vulnerability management are extremely important to protect data. Especially in companies, data should be encrypted using strong and trustworthy algorithms. Identity management can also ensure that only authorized persons have access to certain resources. Finally, the security expert advocates passwords that are as long and strong as possible and that go beyond a simple sequence of numbers or mere words.

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