Get some treacherous games with the New Humble Bundle

Are you looking for some games for this summer? Check out the latest Humble Bundle, where you can buy four great games for a whopping $ 1.

What is included in the Summer Adventure Bundle?

If you’re not familiar with how Humble Bundle works, you can essentially pay for what you want to unlock a variety of games. This package has a total retail value of $ 174, but you can get the whole thing for just $ 15.

This bundle consists of three levels at different prices. If you just want to pick up a few games, you can only pay $ 1 to unlock the following titles:

Batman: The Inner Enemy

Once you’re familiar with the first Batman Telltale game, you’ll love The Enemy Within. This is the next part of the series and contains five new chapters.

In the first chapter you compete against the riddler who devastates Gotham. You meet Harley Quinn and Bane and create your precarious friendship with “John Doe” from the first season (also known as the future Joker). This second series offers more exciting action and interesting storylines and develops into what made the first series so popular.

The Walking Dead – Season 1

In addition to the Batman series, The Walking Dead is one of Telltale’s most popular storytelling games. You play as Lee, a criminal who was given a second chance at freedom in a world destroyed by the zombie apocalypse. He meets a frightened young girl, Clementine, who he tries to protect from the horrors of a zombie-infested world.

The Walking Dead: 400 days DLC

Also included in this bundle is a DLC for The Walking Dead called 400 Days. This is a continuation of the story from season 1 and fits nicely into season 2. This is a standalone story that includes five interrelated stories and a truck stop on a Georgia highway. Any decisions you make here will be carried over to season two if you pick them up.


Oxenfree is the fourth part of the $ 1 bundle. This is a supernatural thriller that surrounds a group of friends who mistakenly open a ghostly crack.

It’s a stunning game with branched storylines. You play as Alex, a rebellious teen who has to uncover the secrets of an old military island while protecting her friends from the horrors that await her.

Unlock even more games by increasing your donation

The great thing about Humble Bundle is that part of your payment is used as a charitable donation. This means that there are no fixed prices, just thresholds to unlock games.

If you pay more than the average people donate, you will unlock four more games, including:

  • The wolf among us
  • Batman: The Enemy Within – shadow mode DLC
  • The Walking Dead: Michonne
  • The Walking Dead – Season 2

For even more games, you can increase your Humble Bundle donation to $ 15 or £ 12 or more to unlock the entire bundle. This includes all of the above games and also:

  • Sky vault
  • Batman – The Treacherous Series
  • Batman – The TLC of the Telltale series in shadow mode
  • The Walking Dead: The final season
  • The Walking Dead: a new frontier

This time the charity of choice is JDRF, a leading organization that funds type 1 diabetes research. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page in the Humble Bundle, a drop-down menu appears, showing where your donation is going. In a season, you can decide how much of your donation goes to the charity compared to the publishers and the Humble Bundle.

If you are a fan of one of the Telltale games, this is the perfect package for you. With branched adventures, interesting storylines and a decent dialogue, they are great games that you can delve into a little.

Are you going to pick up one of the Humble Bundle games? Or did you (like some of us) recently record a Batman game during the Steam Summer Sale? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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