Get the best replica of Apple AirPods for less than 40 euros

The real Buds Air Neo only cost 39.99 euros and are possibly the best option for those looking for quality wireless headphones at an outstanding price.

Wireless headphones have undoubtedly become the best accessories that one can have to accompany their smartphones. From listening to music, talking on the phone or just watching series and movies, the comfort that this type of product offers the consumer is unmatched.

Now, in the market there are many bluetooth headphones and choosing one or the other is not always easy. Apple AirPods are the most popular but they are also not cheap. But, what if we could have quality wireless headphones, with a design identical to Apple’s but much cheaper? All this is what realme offers with its Buds Air Neo.

These headphones only cost 40 euros and have nothing to envy to the AirPods

realme Buds Air Neo

The best value for money wireless headphones on the market? If they are not, they are very close to being

realme has become one of the benchmarks in the technology market in its own right. Not only do their smartphones have incredible value for money, such as the Realme 6, but the rest of their products are worth admiring. A clear example is its new wireless headphones, the realme Buds Air Neo, very cheap devices with surprising quality.

As we explained well in our comprehensive review, the Realme Buds Air Neo are an exact replica of Apple’s AirPods. With an identical design, at first glance they may seem like a copy of the many on the market, but beware, nothing is further from reality. Because these headphones have many surprises inside.

Not only do they have barbaric sound quality but they also have surprising autonomy. 3 hours of use plus 17 hours extra added by the charging case. Furthermore, they have the possibility of performing touch controls that are as follows:

  • Double tap: answer a call, play or pause music playback
  • Triple tap: skip song
  • Press and hold one side: end call or activate voice assistant
  • Press and hold both sides: enter or exit super low latency mode

And of course the best thing about these realme Buds Air Neo is their impressive price. 39.99 euros for quality headphones, with good autonomy and many functions, all without forgetting an elegant design almost identical to the AirPods of the bitten apple. Undoubtedly the best choice for all those seeking the comfort of wireless headphones at the best price.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary depending on stock and store demand.

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