Glass keys for Mac?

Crystal keyboard

A new patent application by Apple suggests keys made of glass to increase their durability. Of course the issue of patents can lead us to curious situations at least and this time Apple wants to have in its possession a patent that we can never see on an Apple computer or rather on a keyboard of the company, a keyboard with glass keys. The registration of this patent is requested and what they explain in it is that you want to be able to increase the resistance, flexibility and durability of the keys.


It may seem strange but the manufacture of this type of keys defined as Transparent KeycapsIt can be a solution to avoid the wear of current plastic. Logically there are details that escape such as backlight control or improved screen printing of the keys themselves. In any case, the important thing is that the patent is now in the hands of Apple and adds to the long list of those it has.

On the other hand, an important detail in this type of glass keys would be the mechanism that could be used for integration into the keyboard case and the detail of the interior, being these transparent glass as we know it. In the market there are some mechanical keyboards that may be similar to what Apple raises in this patent and it is evident that for tastes the colors although personally I prefer normal plastic keys than this type of keys. We will see if Apple finally releases something in the future or stays in one more patent for its long list.

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