Gmail for Android will have chat conversations

Gmail is the most widely used email application by those with an Android phone in Spain. The app is constantly being updated with new features, such as recently with its integration with Google Meet, which brought video calls to the email app. Although not only video calls will be a reality in the application.

Since Google is also going to bring chat conversations to Gmail. This is going to be possible thanks to the integration of the email application with Google Chat. These changes have been seen in the application code, indicating that it will be something that will be launched shortly in it.

Gmail will have integrated chat

Gmail integration Meet & Chat

Integration with Google Meet will not be the only change that will come to Gmail. Video calls are already a reality in the well-known email application, but we will also have that integration with Google Chat. We will find two tabs in the application: one of Chat (for private chats with another person) and the other would be Rooms (group conversations).

This integration that the company will carry out will allow have email, video calls and chat conversations in one place. These three services would be available in their entirety within the mail application. Thus, it unifies services that it previously had in several separate applications, so you gain in comfort, although it will result in a heavier application.

This feature is still in the implementation phase, so it will take a while to become official in Gmail. As we have learned, if users do not want to use the chat features in the application, it will be possible to deactivate them from the settings, to have only the normal functions of Gmail on the phone, as a mail application.

No dates have been given yet for its introductionIn fact, Google has not even confirmed that they will be introduced, although having seen them in the application code, it is something that we know will come. But you have to wait until you can make use of this integration with Google Chat.

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