Gmail is no longer an email application

Just a few hours ago we learned through a leak what the future of Gmail would be like, a future in which the application stops being an email client to become much more.

Big G hasn’t wanted to make us wait too long since this leak, and has officially announced how its email client is going to be reinvented.

Gmail becomes your new office

If there is something that the current situation has made clear to us, it is that even the most sophisticated applications still had a lot of room for improvement for remote work. After months of work, Google has decided that, since every workday begins reading emails, Gmail becomes the central axis of teleworking.

And so they have done with the new Gmail, an application that is no longer email to offer much more.

Don’t panic, email doesn’t disappear from the app, and you’re sure to continue to be the lynchpin of the experience, but from now on you’ll have to share space with Chat, Rooms and Meet.

Although Chat and Meet do not have a great mystery when it comes to the features that we previously found in Hangouts, we do see integrations such as Salesforce, Trello or Docusign.

Rooms is one of the most important sections, offering rooms for work, chat groups in which we have access to documents or to-do lists.

There is also a new do not disturb mode in the application, which will not only silence all notifications, but will also warn other members of a group that we will not be able to respond until a certain time.

All these Gmail changes are coming first to G Suite, the professional and paid version of Google applications, so if you have this version for work at your company, you shouldn’t take long to see the changes.

What if I want to have this Gmail in the free version of Google applications? The company has not yet detailed an availability date, although it is expected that over the weeks it will end up reaching everyone.




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