"Gone with the Wind" star Olivia de Havilland dies

Image: © Printemps - Fotolia.com
Image: © Printemps – Fotolia.com

The film legend and Oscar winner Olivia de Havilland is dead. She died on Sunday in Paris at the age of 104 of a natural death, her spokeswoman for the German Press Agency confirmed. De Havilland was known for her role as Melanie Hamilton in the southern epic “Gone with the Wind” (1939).

Born in Tokyo to British parents, Olivia de Havilland moved to California as a toddler. The Austrian theater man Max Reinhardt discovered the 19-year-old in the role of Hermia from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The film studio Warner Brothers signed them for seven years and brought them out alongside Eroll Flynn. She made eight films with the heartbreaker.

In 1946 she won her first Oscar in the leading role of “To Each His Own”. The film was released in Germany under the title “Mother Heart”. Three years later, the award for best actress in William Wyler’s “The Heiress” (The Heiress). She also received a lot of recognition as a neurotic eccentric in “The Dark Mirror” and “The Snake Pit”. Daphne du Maurier proposed her in 1952 for the leading role in the film adaptation of her novel “My Cousin Rachel”. The piece became a worldwide success. With her long-time friend Bette Davis, she played in “Lullaby for a Corpse”.

The son Benjamin emerged from the marriage to the writer Marcus Goodrich (1946 to 1953). In Paris, de Havilland married the journalist Pierre Paul Galante and had the daughter Gisèle with him. This marriage also broke up. However, rumors of an affair with former British Prime Minister Edward Heath have never been confirmed.

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