Google already allows you to create ultra-secure folders on your Android mobile

Now you can create folders protected with your PIN using Google’s file explorer.

If you use Google Files, Google’s file explorer, now you have the option to protect your most precious files and documents in secure folders.

Google has updated its app to introduce the possibility of create folders protected by a four-digit PIN, so that it is possible to prevent other people from accessing the files contained in these folders.

The most interesting thing about this function is the fact that the files are accessible only from the Google Files app, and therefore it will not be possible to bypass the blockade through third-party file explorers or any other type of application.

Secure folders in Google Files

Google FIles allows you to create folders protected by PIN.

Google Files already allows you to configure a PIN to protect your files

According to Google, this system of secure folders of Google Files bases its operation on a Four digit PIN in charge of encrypting the folder, where important files will be stored.

The company explains that This folder is automatically blocked when we exit the Files app, so that the content is not accessible to the other applications.

It is necessary to mention, yes, that all content stored in the folder can no longer be opened from any other browser or gallery application ´ –in case of photos or videos–, and therefore it will be better to make sure Do not uninstall Google Files or delete your data, because the content would be completely removed.

This function It is available in version 1.0.323 of Google Files, whose deployment has already started through the Google Play Store.

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