Google and Apple continue to improve their API for COVID-19

One of the most striking alliances we have seen in 2020 is that of Google and Apple. Both technology giants are responsible for the two most widely used mobile systems in the world, and because of this they decided to create a common tool to help curb COVID.

What these companies created is not an application, but an API, a common development tool so that the authorities of each country could create their official application, only having to integrate these tools with the country’s health information system. The launch of the API was not the end, since since then it seems that they have continued to work on improving these tools.

The API of Google and Apple continues to improve

Google has announced that since its launch in May, the API created jointly with Apple is already operational in more than 16 countries, with a few others in which the application is under development.

This API worked with the Bluetooth of our mobile, which was communicating with mobiles that were close enough to record their identity anonymously. If at one point we test positive for COVID-19, it would be enough to enter the code given to us by the health authorities and all the people with whom we have been in contact would receive a notice that they have been close to someone who tested positive.

Now, Google has announced several key improvements to this API:

  • When an exposure is detected, health authorities will now have more flexibility in determining the level of risk associated with the exposure based on technical information from the API.
  • The Bluetooth calibration values ​​of hundreds of devices have been updated to improve detection of nearby devices.
  • The API now supports interoperability between countries, following the advice of the governments that have launched the application.
  • New reliability improvements and debugging tools.
  • Clarity, transparency and user control have been improved.

Do these improvements affect us? Well currently not, since Radar COVID, the Spanish application, is still in the pilot phase in San Sebastian de la Gomera (Canary Islands), but it is expected that when the pilot program ends and arrives in Spain the application will be available with all these improvements of the API.

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