Google and Apple won

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It was a fight against windmills – Microsoft has now seen that too. For years the company has tried to secure a place on the smartphones of this world, now the company pulls the ripcord and leaves the field to Google and Apple.


Microsoft Cortana: voice assistant for mobile phones is discontinued

Although the Google Assistant and Siri clearly dominate the market for voice assistants on the smartphone, there are some companies that also want to get a piece of the cake. In addition to Samsung’s Bixby assistant, Microsoft has also tried over many years to make the in-house language assistant Cortana appealing to smartphone owners.

As 9to5google reports, the company has officially announced that it will end its ambitions in this area by the end of the year. For users of Cortana on their smartphones, this means that they will have to switch to another voice assistant from 2021. This is not a big surprise for users in Europe, after all, the app has not been offered in the app stores for some time. Now, however, the important US region is also on the neck.

Voice assistants like Alexa are not only useful, but sometimes also very funny, as our video shows:

In an official statement, Microsoft reveals how the shutdown should work:

“The first change is to end support for all third-party Cortana skills on September 7th. Then, in early 2021, we’ll end support for the Cortana mobile app (iOS and Android) because you can now manage your calendar and emails, attend meetings, and do much more with our new productivity-oriented apps. This includes the use of Cortana on Windows 10, the Cortana integration in Outlook Mobile and soon the Cortana language support in the teams mobile app. ”

Microsoft pulls the plug: a long overdue step

Since the Cortana voice assistant could never really prevail against the competition from Google and Apple, the move from Microsoft is understandable. At the same time, we are surprised that the exit was announced shortly before the launch of the Surface Duo, Microsoft’s own dual-screen cell phone. Doesn’t the company believe that the new smartphone will prevail on the market? We are waiting for Samsung Bixby to finally be buried.

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