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Google and Samsung would strengthen their alliance with this new agreement

Google and Samsung would strengthen their alliance with this new agreement

In recent months we have seen how the presence of Google, both in Spain and worldwide, has become more important than ever. Manufacturers such as Huawei have lost great relevance in the market solely due to the absence of such services, raising doubts about the future.

The losses of Huawei have become an opportunity for the rest of the manufacturers and in turn a threat to Google itself, since the Chinese giant does not stop improving its developer tools. In a mutual benefit, Google seems willing to collaborate more than ever with its most important partners, such as Samsung, a company with which it would be negotiating at this time.

Google would have a greater presence than ever on Samsung mobiles

Already during the last Samsung Unpacked where we were very surprised by the presence of Google, in which for the first time it seemed that Samsung remembered that their mobiles used Google’s Android. This appearance would not be punctual, and it is that far from a possible rupture between the big G and the South Korean giant, it seems that both companies are more willing than ever to strengthen ties.

How to change Samsung Bixby button to use Google Assistant

As Bloomberg tells, these two companies would be negotiating to increase the presence of the Google search engine within the Galaxy. The objective of this agreement would be to be able to promote Google search and the Play Store within One UI.

Samsung’s customization layer does not include Google Discover, but Samsung Daily, and similarly you cannot customize the power button to launch Google Assistant, only Bixby or any application other than Google Assistant.

Official statements from Google and Samsung

Does this mean that Samsung would put aside alternatives like Bixby to focus on offering a 100% Google experience? At the moment it seems not, according to a Samsung spokesman.

“Samsung is committed to its own ecosystem and services. Similarly, Samsung works closely with Google and other partners to deliver the best possible experience for our users.

Google Assistant on a Galaxy Note 10+.

Google is a crucial partner in the mobile market, in the same way that the Samsung Galaxy also includes collaborations with Microsoft or develops its own alternatives such as Tizen, a system that rivals Android in smart watches and televisions. Perfectly, These agreements would not seek to substitute one service for another, but to give users the possibility to choose.

Similarly, a Google spokesperson has spoken about the relationship of the two companies.

Like all Android manufacturers, Samsung is free to create its own app store and digital assistant. This is one of the great features of Android as a platform. And while we have regular discussions with our partners about improving the user experience, we have no plans to change that. ”

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