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Google, back to smart glasses

by Tejas Dhawan

Google Glass is possibly one of the most ambitious projects of the company in recent years, although they have never had the success or importance in the market that the company expected, although last year a new version aimed at companies arrived in Spain. They could have a new boost in the near future, if we rely on the purchase that Google just made.

The American company has confirmed the purchase of North, a Canadian company specialized in smart glasses and responsible for the Focals, his best-known model. Details of the operation have not been revealed, although some media talk about a purchase worth 180 million dollars.

Google buys North

Google’s attempts to have presence in the smart glasses market There have been several, as we can see with Google Glass, although their results in the market have not been particularly positive. The purchase of North, responsible for smart glasses like North, may be a boost for the development of a new generation of smart glasses, after the little commercial impact of the previous ones.

Focals are North’s best-known glasses, which have an operation that is partly similar to that of Google Glass, but with a small projector on the temple, which is responsible for projector the information on the lens itself, rather than on the eye. In addition, they have a microphone that allows communication with the assistant. They maintain a normal glasses design at all times, which makes them usable in more situations.

The purchase announcement has been a surprise to many. Google has not wanted to give too much data, simply mentioning that this purchase is intended give your hardware efforts a boost. Does this mean that new Google Glass is on the way? For now it seems early to find out, but the North buyout is seen as a clear move in this direction. They could help the brand finally launch smart glasses that are successful in the market.

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