Google buys North, a well-known company that creates smart glasses

North is the company responsible for Focals smart glasses, and will continue to operate from Canada despite the purchase by Google.

Google is known for being a company that is involved in a large number of projects throughout the year, such as Stadia, its streaming video game platform, or the well-known development of a debit card, among many others. But the Mountain View company also sometimes chooses to acquire other companies with useful projects that do not clash with the firm, and recently announced the purchase of North, company responsible for Focals smart glasses.

Through an official statement, Google has confirmed the purchase of North, a Canadian company that is a pioneer in human computer interfaces and smart glasses. Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Devices and Services, Google, said the company is excited to have North join them in their broader efforts to build useful devices and services. “From 10 blue links on a computer, to Maps on your mobile phone, to Google Nest Hub that shares a recipe in the kitchen … Google has always strived to help people in their daily livesOsterloh notes.

Google buys North

Google buys North, a company specializing in the development of smart glasses.

From the big G they have also indicated that they are building towards a future where help is around the person, where all the devices work together and the technology fades into the background, something they have called “environmental computing.” Rick Osterloh has also pointed out that North’s technical expertise will help the firm towards that computing as they continue. investing in hardware efforts and in the future of environmental computing.

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North is the company responsible for Focals smart glasses

Focals smart glasses

This is the Focals, the smart glasses of the company that Google has just bought.

For their part, founders of north They also wanted to share a statement on their official blog informing what this purchase means for them. The Focals creators, the well-known smart glasses, have reflected that aligning with Google will serve to “significantly advance our shared vision. This acquisition is perfect for North and, most importantly, we will be staying here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. ”

North was founded in 2012, and then called Thalmic Labs, with an optimistic vision for the future in which technology becomes an invisible and useful part of our daily experience. A technology perfectly integrated into your world and immediately accessible when the user wants it, but hidden when they don’t want it. The company has also wanted to take advantage of the statement to thank the support of the contributors, partners, investors, mentors and advisers; in addition to his team.

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