Google: Camera developer switches to Adobe

Charles Levoy is responsible for a “universal camera app” there. At Google, however, he worked on camera functions such as portrait mode and night mode. Levoy is considered an expert in computational photography.

Marc Levoy, who at Google left the company responsible for the development of the camera software for the pixel smartphones. His new employer is Adobe. There he should create a “universal camera app”, as the company announced.

Google camera on the Pixel 3a XL (screenshot: camera app of the Pixel smartphone became one of the leading apps in the field of mobile photography under Levoy’s leadership. Among other things, he was involved in the development of portrait mode, which gives photos of people a professional look, and night mode, which automatically illuminates dark areas of a photo in poor lighting conditions.

Levoy is also considered an expert in computational photography, i.e. the use of software to improve image quality. His ideas also helped Google to assert itself with single-camera systems, i.e. the competition was already using dual or even triple-camera systems. Many new technologies that go back to Levoy can also be found today in the camera apps from competitors – also in Apple’s iPhone.

Levoy had already given up his job at Google in March. During the six years at Google, Levoy also worked on the VR glasses camera Google Glass Explorer Edition. Before joining Google, Levoy started a Google-funded research project at Stanford University that eventually became Google Maps Street View.

Mario Queiroz, who gave up the management of the Pixel Devices department last year, is no longer working for Google. The company is struggling especially with low sales of the youngest pixel generations in a premium market, which of Apple and Samsung is dominated.

Google is expected to launch a new smartphone in the coming weeks. However, the Pixel 4A is in the middle price segment.

At Adobe Levoy will take care of all photography initiatives. With Photoshop Camera, the company already offers a camera app. A similar function is also integrated in the Lightroom app.

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