Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and by far

What is the best browser to use on a computer? Like almost everything in life, There are many alternatives and it all depends on what we are looking for. Do we want precision in searches? Do we want more speed? Do we want more privacy and that our data is protected?

Be that as it may, one thing is clear. Despite the multitude of browsers to choose from, there is one that stands out above the rest. We do not know if it is the one with the best results when searching for information or if it is the most accurate or if it is the fastest, but the truth is that it is the most used and also, with a lot of difference from the competition. We speak of course of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has no competition in the world of web browsers


No discussion, Google Chrome is the best browser or most people think

We do not say it, but rather it is affirmed by the digital medium MSPoweruser and that is that Google Chrome does not stop breaking records. We already knew that it was the most used browser, but the new data indicates that the Mountain View company’s browser would be currently used in 70% of computers.

This data is overwhelming and leaves little room for the rest. Edge, the magnificent Microsoft browser that came to replace the nefarious Internet Explorer, has a 8.07 share, while Firefox grows to 7.58%. Both very far from Chrome’s figures.

Why these results? We cannot deny that Chrome is quite good, more abundance many of us could not work without it, but it is also true that both Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox work the same or even better than Google Chrome in some aspects. Then there is privacy and it is that if something has always been criticized by Google it is its lack of tact with the data of its users. However this doesn’t seem to matter to people who prefer Chrome over any other rival.

Seeing what we have we have Google Chrome for a while. Can someone beat him at some point? Given the figures, everything points to not.

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