Google confirms the 117 new official emojis of Android 11

A few weeks ago we noticed that new emojis appeared in the Android 11 beta we are testing. These 117 new designs would be incorporated into the new version of the system that would see the light in autumn in general.

Now Google has confirmed what these final designs will look like, which have a lot in common.

Emojis more true to reality

Every year we see how the catalog of emoticons is expanded with more inclusive elements. This time for example we see a woman in a tuxedo or a person feeding a baby. We also see a greater catalog of skins to choose from, so that everyone feels included.

Another novelty is that Google has made an effort to change the animals that came out in the emojis to offer more realism. For this he has worked with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Victoria Insect Zoom.

In this way the representations of animals will be more similar to real animals.

New designs for dark mode

Now that Android has a native dark mode, more people use it and some emojis don’t look quite right. That is why the team of Google designers have modified some of them so that they work well with both light and dark backgrounds.

All these emoticons can be used in Android 11 although those who have installed the beta of Gboard can also use them by searching for them as we told you a few days ago.

You can see all the new emojis at this link.

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