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It is now considered certain that the Pixel 5 will become a mid-range smartphone. However, if you expect Google to adjust the price of the smartphone accordingly, you will have to be prepared for disappointment. And that’s not the only bad news for the Google phone.


With the Pixel 5, Google will break new ground. Instead of continuing to grapple with Samsung and Apple in the upper class, the successor to the Pixel 4 will be an upper middle class smartphone. This is particularly evident in the built-in processor, because according to previous information, the Snapdragon 765G should do its job in the Google smartphone. Despite the scaled-down hardware, the Pixel 5 does not seem to be a bargain.

Pixel 5 won’t be a bargain: Google phone costs $ 699

insider Jason C. on Twitter According to WinFuture, the Android smartphone will be launched for 699 US dollars. In Germany, the smartphone could cost between 699 euros and 749 euros due to taxes and duties. This would make the Pixel 5 far more expensive than comparable smartphones. Above all, the OnePlus Nord has set new standards with its price of 399 euros, although the Pixel 5 is likely to have the much better camera on board. Traditionally, Google plays with the camera at the top and the latest generation of pixels will probably not be an exception here.

After all, according to the latest reports, the Pixel 5 should have a 120 Hz display and could at least set itself apart from the competition in this respect. For comparison: A screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz is integrated in the OnePlus Nord.

FPS or Hz? The differences explained in the video:

Google Pixel 5 in just one size

In addition to the comparatively high price, the Pixel 5 could struggle with another disadvantage: the size. This year, the Google phone will only be available in one size with a 6.67-inch display. A smaller variant, as it has always been offered since the first pixel generation, should be omitted. Fans of smaller smartphones will have to steer clear of the Pixel 5.