Google Duo improves video calls: up to 32 participants

Video calling applications have become an especially popular option during confinement in Spain, the figures show this. Google Duo is one of those applications, which has seen how its use has increased during that time. In addition, the Google application has not wasted time and has made various improvements.

Since in March they expanded the number of participants in video calls to 12. Now the application deploys a new improvement among users on Android. Google Duo introduces group video calls with up to 32 participants in your update. One more improvement in this app, which will allow larger groups.

Google Duo continues to improve

Google Duo

This new feature is already being deployed among Google Duo users on Android, although it has not yet reached all. It is an improvement that refers to calls within the popular application. An improvement that comes after having introduced just three months ago the possibility of making video calls with 12 members.

It is a further improvement for the application, which will allow larger groups to make calls. Especially in companies or in student groups it can be very helpful to stay in touch. In addition, it will be allowed to send video messages within said group calls in the application.

This possibility of having 32 participants was available in its web version, but it is released now for Android phones. Already in May it was dropped that it was going to be introduced, although no dates were given for its official release on phones. A message is displayed on the app when you enter, informing you of this new function.

This is an update that is being deployed from the server side, so you can not do anything. You just have to make sure you have Google Duo updated to the latest version and it will be a matter of waiting then for Google to deploy this function. There are already users who have access to it, but it is not yet widespread among all users of the application on Android.




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