Google Duo increases the limit of participants in group calls

Google Duo increases the limit of participants in group calls to 32 people, the call manager included.

Google is a company that is involved in a large number of projects, such as Stadia, its streaming video game platform, or the well-known development of a debit card, among many others. But the Mountain View company is also known for updating and improving its existing applications and services, and its latest move is to allow Google Duo already let many more friends call.

Google Duo, the video call service that has been available since last year in a nightly way, has increased the participants of a video call to a maximum of 32 people. A move that can possibly come from the high growth of applications like Zoom, which has now become the most widely used applications for videoconferencing with many participants.

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the most used Google communication apps.

If Google Duo already increased its group call limit months ago, it now allows adding to a total of 32 people to a group call, including the administrator of said call. As reported by Android Police, this increase began last March when the Mountain View company raised from 8 to 12 participants in a group call, and soon after it increased the limit to 32 for the web version. Now the tech giant has been working to finally get the mobile version of the app to get this new participant limit as well.

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Google Duo increases the limit of participants in group calls to 32

Google Duo now allows many more friends to call

Google Duo already allows many more friends to call: it allows 32 participants.

In this way, when the video call application is opened on a smartphone, the user receives a pop-up message indicating that they can already create groups with 31 other people. If this message does not appear, do not worry, as long as the app is updated to the latest version, you can make these types of group calls, whether voice or video, with the new limit of participants.

The new increase in participants is already active for some users, but it could take to get to the rest. What is clear is that Google wants to make things difficult for applications like Zoom to try to dominate a market that currently has a large audience, since group video calls have increased considerably in recent months.

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