Google Fit is updated with videos to exercise

One of the consequences of the confinement that we have experienced in many countries, including Spain, is the difficulty of exercising because you cannot leave home. Little by little, these measures are being relaxed in some places, but it is still good to be prepared and to be able to move even without stepping on the street.

A few months ago Google updated its Fitness application, Google Fit, to enhance certain sections, such as those that invited us to move and spend the day more actively. Today comes a new update in which videos appear for the first time in the application.

Google Fit is part of a campaign to promote exercise at home

Google Fit is updated with videos to exercise

This update the application includes some selected YouTube videos where we are shown how we can exercise without having to leave home.

This is part of a collaborative campaign between Google, the America Heart Association and the WHO. Under the motto Stay Fit #WithMe The company seeks to encourage exercise with an application installed on many mobiles.

In the application we will have a new section with various categories of exercises and sports. If we click on one of them they will open lYouTube ists in which different exercises on this topic are collected. Obviously for this we will have to have the YouTube application installed but, considering that the vast majority of Android mobiles come standard, this does not seem a problem.

The only limitation is that this feature will not be active in countries where there are no YouTube lists. Luckily, in Spain and Latin America this function has been active for a long time.




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