Google has a new app that detects when a phone falls

Android 11 Beta 2 incorporates a new pre-installed application, called Device Drop Monitor, which detects when a phone falls.

Google, which has already confirmed that or there will be XL models in the Pixel seriesreleased a few days ago Android 11 Beta 2, which incorporated a series of small improvements. Upon arrival, it has been discovered that the latest version of the operating system comes with a new pre-installed application called Device Drop Monitor that is capable of recognizing when your phone falls to the ground.

But that is not all, since Google would display a poll when this happens and it would record the duration and acceleration using the sensors of the smartphone. According @MishaalRahman, this application has already appeared on the Google Pixel 4 and the purpose of the app is to identify when the mobile phone falls to the ground, taking advantage of the various sensors integrated in the device. According to the same user, when the smartphone is recovered, Google offers a small survey With which the Mountain View company wants to obtain information about the fall, such as the height, whether it was protected by a case or the type of material the phone landed on.

Google Pixel 4 XL, white back with orange button

A hand holding the Google Pixel 4 XL.

With Android 11 Beta 2 there is a new application pre-installed on the Pixel 4, called Device Drop Monitor, than detects when the device falls and records the duration of the fall and acceleration. The user receives a survey after said app detects that the phone has been dropped and asks the user how high the device has fallen, what type of material it landed on (asphalt, carpet, wood, a tile, etc.) and if you were wearing a case at that time“Explains this user in a series of tweets.

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Beta 2 of Android 11 incorporates a new app that detects when a phone falls

At the moment more details about this survey are unknown, as if it also has questions about the actual damage of the device. However, it is known that said survey ends with the following message: “Thanks for taking the survey! Your comments will help improve the design on future Pixel devices. ”. Therefore, it is clear that the Mountain View company is obtaining data from users to know the real resistance of their current phones with the aim of improving their future smartphones.

Device Drop Monitor still not available on Google Play Store for all users, so it seems that only owners of a Pixel phone that have the Beta 2 of Android 11 will be able to try it for now. It should be remembered that the app comes pre-installed with the latest version of the operating system. It is also important to note that it is not recommended to throw the mobile phone on the ground, so if you want to try this new app, you better wait for your smartphone to have an accident and do not deliberately throw it on the floor.

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