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Google has created the most useful widgets for your home screen

by Tejas Dhawan

This past Thursday, May 21, the world day of accessibility awareness. And since Google is one of the companies that have contributed the most to this field in recent years, it is not surprising that the company took advantage of such a special day to introduce interesting news in this regard. Said and done.

Through its official news blog, Google has made official a series of new functions focused on facilitating the use of some of its platforms to those who need it. However, among them, one stands out that, although it is designed for those people who may have certain difficulties when using their mobile phones, the reality is that can be useful to any type of user.

These are the so-called “Action Blocks“, New customizable widgets for the home screen of our Android phones and tablets, which allow perform various actions with a single touch on the screen.

This is the new Google Action Blocks

According to the brand, given that the vast majority of people they follow the same daily routine when using their mobile phones, the idea with this tool is facilitate the process and reduce touches on the screen necessary to perform the different actions that make up this routine. For this reason, Action Blocks allow, for example, call a specific contact, check the weather, read the news, start a video call …

Best of all, is that Action Blocks has Google Assistant integration, so that its potential is even greater given that the range of actions available through the functions of the Assistant is opened. Thus, for example, it is possible add widgets with which to control the lights in your house to the home screen, play the latest episode of your favorite series on a TV with Chromecast, or put music on your Google Home or Nest speaker, all with a single touch.

In a way, the app is reminiscent of iOS “Shorcuts” that allow you to perform various actions through buttons that can be brought to the home screen of iPhone or iPad devices. However, the Google alternative is not as powerful nor is it as well integrated into the system as the one developed by Apple.

The app is extremely easy to use, How could it be otherwise? However, it does include quite a few customization and configuration options. To configure one of these buttons, just follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the app from Google Play.

  2. Open the Action Blocks app and select “Create a new Action Block”.

  3. Choose one of the common actions from the suggestion list. You can also create your own custom action.

  4. Decide if you want the application to say the name of the action out loud when you press the button. It is recommended to keep this option deactivated if the action contains sensitive information.

  5. To test it, tap the “Test” button.

  6. Choose the image you want to appear on the button. If, for example, you will use it to make a call, you can select the contact’s photo.

  7. Enter a name for the button.

  8. Tap save, and follow the steps on the screen to add it to the home screen.

That is all. Once you have added one or more buttons, you can click on them to perform any type of action you have configured. The application can download totally free through Google Play, and is compatible with the vast majority of Android mobiles on the market.

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