Google is using data from other companies' applications for its own benefit

Google is using data from other companies' applications for its own benefit

Google is the creator of Android, the operating system used by millions of mobile devices worldwide. And as you well know, Google is also responsible for some of the most widely used applications worldwide, such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Photos and many more. The integration of all these applications with the system is perfect, since few developers will know Android better than Google itself. Well, according to a new report published, this advantage seems not to have been enough for the search engine giant. As they assure in The Information, Google has been collecting and studying usage data from competing applications to better develop your own applications.

According to the published report, the data collected by users’ applications is stored in a service called “Android Lockbox”. Google ensures that this service is used to enhance features such as background application management and that any application developer can access it for free. However, its visibility is limited to its own products.

The published report ensures that Google has used this information to make critical business decisions based on data that only they can see. For example, it is said that Google used data obtained from the TikTok application to study how and when to launch a similar application for the Indian market. On the other hand, the company also analyzed usage data from various email applications that compete with Gmail. Nor are applications such as Instagram and Facebook released.

Application data of all kinds

Google is using data from third-party applications for its own benefit apps

Theoretically, Google could obtain information about applications of any kind. To improve Gboard, you could have gotten information from keyboard apps like SwiftKey. To improve Google Keep you could benefit from studying the data collected by other note apps. In short, considering that Google has a very wide collection of applications and services, the use of this information could have given it an advantage both to improve its products and to discover possible business opportunities.

As you can imagine, the use of this data by the company could be considered unfair competition. In fact, it is a problem that Google has already encountered several times in the European Union, India or Russia, which has led him to accumulate billions of dollars in fines for antitrust decisions. Now this report could bring you trouble in the United States as well. We will have to wait to see what this accusation is.

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