Google Lens is updated and will give you more information about buildings

Google Lens is an application that has been making a hole on the Android phones of users in Spain. In addition, recently it has been one of the applications that receives the most news. A month ago the application completely renewed its interface with a new design, also introducing new functions.

Recently the application was integrated into the Google keyboard, a function that has a lot of potential. It is not the only novelty that comes to Google Lens. The application is now updated with a new function called Places, designed to give us more information about buildings wherever we are.

New feature in Google Lens

Google Lens buildings sites

The new function is called Places in its English version, while in Spanish we can see that it is called Places. The function is designed so that we can point the camera at buildings in our area. This new function in Google Lens has the ability to recognize buildings and places of interest, such as well-known monuments in the city (museums, old buildings, churches …).

Thanks to its ability to identify buildings, the application will give us information about them. Since we can have information about that building or monument, such as knowing something more about its history. Information about their opening hours, contact details and more will also be provided. Everything we need to know about a building or a company that has its office in it will be accessible with this function. At the moment it is not known if it works correctly worldwide, although it is surely something that will improve and adjust over time.

This function has been rolling out over the past few weeks on Google Lens. In fact there were users who can use this filter or function Sites for a few weeks. Although in the last hours it is when its deployment has already begun among more users of the application on Android. It is an update that is being launched from the server side, so you just have to wait to be able to use it in the app.




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