Google Lens will help you solve math operations step by step

Google Lens has been updating with many new features these past months. In July, a new interface for the Android application was launched, as well as a series of new functions. A function that will be of great interest to users in Spain is to solve math problems, which was released in this update in July.

Since thanks to Google Lens we will be able to solve math problems, like equations, in a simple way. In addition, the application will show us how to arrive at this solution step by step, which is a good way to learn or correct if you have done something well.

This is how Google Lens solves math problems

Google Lens math problems

Taking a picture of said math problem will be how we will be able to use this function in Google Lens. This function has the ability to recognize the operation or problem displayed, to then show the steps that are followed to reach the solution. The application introduces this function to help students who have to study and solve problems at home, without having a teacher nearby to help them.

To make this function possible, Google has relied on Socratic technologies, an application that they bought a long time ago and that is ideal for doing homework, which we already talked about. You have to activate the Homework Mode (Duties) in the application, although it has not yet officially arrived in Spain, so we have to wait a little longer. In countries like the United States, the function can already be used.

Google Lens solve math

Undoubtedly, this feature promises to make Google Lens a good help for students all over the world when they need to solve a math problem. The application will not only show you the solution to said problem, but it will show you the steps that have to be followed until we reach that solution. We won’t have to wait long to use this feature in Spain, so I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy it in the app soon.




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