Image source: Google

With Android 11, Google will introduce a new version of the mobile operating system, which is a source of anticipation for many smartphone users. It has now been announced that Google is removing a feature that many no longer want to be without. That goes down badly.

Android 11: Album art no longer on the lockscreen

Android 10 is only just being distributed for many smartphones, as the successor with Android 11 is already being announced. With the new operating system, Google will introduce many functions that users have been waiting for a long time. In addition, data protection is improved. But not all changes are equally well received by users. It has now been announced that Google no longer wants to display full-size album art on the lock screen. Instead, the cover is only slightly displayed in the music control – reports 9to5google.

Google has confirmed the change and says they want to avoid blurring the image on the phone’s big screen. For many users this reason is incomprehensible. You’d love to keep the big covers on the lock screen while listening to music. But that will no longer be possible. The control of music, however, remains possible.

That will change with Android 11:

When will Android 11 be released?

According to the current schedule, Google will probably finish the final version of Android 11 at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020 and offer it for download for its Pixel smartphones in a timely manner. After that, the waiting time begins for many cell phone users. Samsung and Co. could of course intervene and decide that the display of the album cover remains on the lock screen and that it is retained on their own mobile phones. On the other hand, you will have to do without Google cell phones and devices that run on pure Android. GIGA will inform you when Android 11 is available for download.