Google makes it easier to rate apps without leaving them

Last year Google released a new rating system for applications, which we can also use in Spain. It is about being able to evaluate applications within them, without having to leave them and go to the Play Store to leave said evaluation. The firm seeks to expand this system now with its new API that is now official.

This new API that Google presents is designed for developers to go to be able to integrate this feature into your applications. Thanks to it, without having to leave the application, users will be able to rate said app in the Play Store. An important aspect, as ratings are essential for many developers.

Google expands ratings within apps

Google new API ratings

This new API will help developers choose when to ask users for a rating of the application. In it, users can rate the app with stars, the usual method of the Google Play Store, but also leave a comment if they consider it necessary, especially if they have any criticism or suggestion that they want to share with the creator of that application.

A key aspect of this API is when to ask users for that assessment. So Google believes that the best time is when the user has already used that app for a while. In addition, it is important that this window where the evaluation is requested does not appear when users are performing a task or using some function within the application in question. Choosing that right moment is important, since if it is a suitable moment, the user is more likely to leave a review.

The API is already part of the Play Core Library, distributed for Java / Kotlin, C ++, and Unity. It is a lightweight API, which will allow you to request this appraisal of the application, without having to leave it. The API defines what is the best time and place to request such an assessment, so that it is correctly integrated into the app, in addition to preventing it from being annoying for the user. In addition to preventing it from causing problems in the app, such as fluency problems.

Google Play revolutionizes ratings: rate without leaving the application

Google hopes that application developers will use it in your applications. It is presented as a good way to ask users to rate the applications, since they will not have to leave the application, making it very comfortable to leave said rating.

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