Google makes the cell phone keyboard less annoying

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With the next version of Android, text input with the Gboard or other keyboard apps should finally be easier. Google has revised the auto-completion and would like to offer more meaningful suggestions. That should go down well with all Android users.

Android 11: Keyboard is getting smarter

Anyone who writes texts on their smartphone sometimes needs strong nerves. The keyboard itself is small, the letters rather tiny – and correcting mistakes takes time and nerves. That should change at least partially with Android 11, the upcoming version of Google’s mobile operating system. Passwords and addresses, which are generally particularly prone to errors, should be able to be selected and completed directly via the keyboard.

According to a new entry on Android Developers, the familiar selection menus should disappear as best they can. The constant change between the keyboard at the bottom of the display and the selection menus, some of which can only be fully seen by scrolling, should be eliminated. Instead, there are “intelligent” suggestions that are located within the keyboard. So instead of having to repeatedly enter the postcode and street, users simply tap the appropriate selection on the keyboard.

A similar function has been available in the Chrome app since June 2020. This is how it looks:

Google Chrome for Android is already showing what will soon become the standard on Gboard. Image: Android Police.

According to Google, the Gboard, the keyboard app from Google, will support the new function from Android 11 onwards. Third-party vendors are encouraged to implement these as well, although Google leaves it up to developers whether they actually do it or not. After the release of Android 11, it can be assumed that at least the more popular keyboard apps will follow suit.

What we can expect from Android 11, you can see here in the video:

Android 11: Presentation in late summer

Google has already released the third and final pre-release version of Android 11. Now nothing stands in the way of presenting the final variant. However, Google still does not want to give an exact date. Android 10 was presented on September 3, 2019, which is why it can be assumed that the successor will also be presented in late summer.

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