Google Maps already allows you to calibrate the location with its augmented reality

The augmented reality of Google MapsCalled Live View, it is one of its most interesting functions. Since recently it is already available for all users on Android, also in Spain. Also, the app is improving this feature little by little, as is the case now. Since a new way to calibrate our location in the app is introduced.

In the new version of Google Maps it is already possible for us calibrate our location using Live View. Thanks to the augmented reality of the navigation application it is also possible to calibrate it. This feature is already being launched for in-app users on Android.

New way to calibrate location on Google Maps

There are times when when we use Google Maps, the application is not locating us correctly. Another position different from the real one is shown. In this type of situation, we can resort to the function of calibrating, so that the correct position in which we find ourselves will then be given. Now, it will be possible to also use Live View for it.

In order to use this feature on the phone, we have to have coverage and mobile data activated. Otherwise it will not be possible to use it. Then, we will have to click on the blue button and select the option called Calibrate with Live View, which will then allow us to correct the position we are in.

When using this feature in the app, you need to focus on the phone (with the camera) to the buildings and signs on the street. Then Google image recognition is used, which will be used in this case to give our exact location at all times. Since it will compare these images with those of the Street View and thus be able to determine on Google Maps what our exact location is at that time.

This function Launches in the new version of Google Maps, that we can download now from the Play Store. If you have the app on your mobile, you just have to update to it.




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