Google Maps is now Twitter thanks to the latest news from Google

The well-known map application adds a new function that will help users to obtain more recommendations.

Google Maps, who weeks ago celebrated his 15th anniversary with a logo change and new functions, it has a new update that convert the well-known app on Twitter, the popular social network of the little blue bird. The Mountain View company, after launching its “motorcycle mode” in some countries, has officially announced a new feature for Maps that will allow users to stay on top of everything thanks to updates from the community.

Billions of people today use Google Maps to navigate from one place to another. During its fifteen years of life, many users have helped improve the application thanks to the information they have added, such as the best dish from a local restaurant or the hours of a park. With the new update, from the Mountain View company they want facilitate the search for updates and recommendations powered by the community on Google Maps, as reported in an official statement.

Google Maps will resemble Twitter

Google Maps will resemble Twitter thanks to its latest update.

The great G thus expands the ‘Local guides’ function announced last year, and with which people could share their experiences on Google Maps. This time, this new feature is being implemented globally, so if a user has shared photos, reviews or lists publicly, they can now be followed now and users can receive their recommendations, tips and updates in its ‘Updates’ tab on Google Maps.

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Google Maps adds a new feature that adds community updates

Google Maps community updates

Google Maps announces the arrival of community updates.

So the next time a user finds someone to share helpful photos of take-out restaurant menus or lists of the most spacious parks in a place, for example, it can be kept. updated on that person’s recommendations. In the same way, Google has also confirmed that there will be new theme filters in Google Maps profiles, so that you can see both these themes and the places that people most share.

A function that will also allow users get useful recommendations about those places that are close by. The Mountain View company has clarified that users want to have control of their fingerprint, so they have incorporated configurations so that they can manage and personalize their Google Maps profile. As previously, the user will be able to decide whether or not to show his comments, publications and photos of his public profile of the maps app; in addition to the option of create a private profile.

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