The Apple Watch will once again have a Google Maps application after Google removed it from the Apple device last year 2017. In addition, the news in Google Maps does not remain in the arrival of this new app for the Apple smart watch, in this case, news is announced in CarPlay, allowing now to see the events of the calendar and use the controls for music, podcasts or audiobooks while we have active navigation. The news was officially confirmed by Google a few hours ago.

The return of Google Maps to the Apple Watch

This is undoubtedly very good news for Google Maps users, although it is true that many of us have become accustomed to using Apple Maps on the wrist device and the iPhone and the truth is that they are getting better and better. Logically, having the two options available is always better for the user and those who like the Google navigation system more will now be able to use it, so the return of Google Maps is undoubtedly very good news.

The announcement was made official a few hours ago but the arrival of Google Maps to the Apple Watch will be in a few weeks without an official concrete date. As soon as it is available we can use the same navigation options that we have on our iPhone, so you will be able to configure the address of work, home, choose navigation with turn-by-turn directions and other options available on our iOS devices but for watchOS.