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Google Maps will show where there are traffic lights: how it works

Google Maps will show where there are traffic lights: how it works

The company is currently testing this feature in Maps for Android. Although of course, Maps will not know what the status of the traffic lights is, it is very useful when planning routes in case we want to avoid having to stop in front of them, as well as to be able to consult the traffic in real time with Maps to see if a route has a traffic jam, and on top of that we must add that it is full of traffic lights.

Can’t see traffic light color

Google, if it wanted, could even determine the color of the traffic lights depending on the users who are unemployed at the time, although it would not be very useful to know it because they only last a few seconds and can generate more problems than solutions if people get confused.

In addition, when planning routes, Google Maps already takes into account the average times it takes to make a tour, and they include the time spent by cars stopped at traffic lights. The function is right now in Test phase for a limited number of users, plus it’s only been confirmed in Des Moines, the capital of Iowa. Traffic light icons are quite small in map view, and it’s only when we’re in navigation mode with a chosen route they do show somewhat larger.

google maps traffic light 2

Apple Maps already has this feature since last year

Interestingly, Apple Maps launched this feature already last year, where they also show where the Stop signs are located. Maps has not yet copied this function, but that of the traffic lights does seem that it is confirmed that it will arrive.

This is not the only feature coming to Maps soon. One of the ones they are currently testing is being able to combine route options with various types of public transport, such as car and bus, bicycle and bus, etc. They are also going to make slight changes to the interface, with the more rounded search bar,

They have also recently launched the possibility of browsing incognito as if it were Chrome, thanks to which we can prevent browsing from being recorded, preserving our privacy. In addition, in early June, Google also launched the new voice of the Google Assistant, with a much more natural diction and that is what Google Maps uses for directions when we travel.

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