Google messages prepare to fight WhatsApp

Google messages have five functions that will help you compete against WhatsApp, and that you should not miss.

Google, which will forever change cheap mobiles, continues to work to improve its existing tools and applications. If recently released the Mountain View company works in a secret command to control your house, now the great G herself has confirmed that your messages are prepared to fight with WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application owned by Facebook.

Through an official statement, Google has detailed the five functions of its messages that will help users to stay connected with other people in different ways, and that will allow messages to fight WhatsApp. Then you have the five ways in which Google messages can help you connect with other people in a way more expressive and personal.

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Express feelings

Now when you receive a photo, video or chat message, you can react to him in an instant. To do this, simply press and hold the message to see the different animated expressions to choose from, such as love, laugh, surprise, sadness, anger and disgust. Reactions that are available in Messages conversations with chat features enabled.

Suggested stickers

Google is expanding Smart Reply to include suggested stickers to make it easier to inform loved ones. Therefore, if you choose to activate the inteligente Smart Reply ’suggestions, those stickers will appear automatically when you send a text message, so there is no need to search for a specific one to share at the moment. Some stickers that are currently available in english.

Customize photos

With a integrated media editor in MessagesThe user can easily create art from their photos and share them directly in their conversation. To get started, take a photo with the camera in the app and add text or a drawing in the picture with brushes before sharing them with friends and family.

Voice messages

The voice messages They are a great way to communicate, especially to do it in a more personal way, especially if you don’t need an immediate response. Now Google messages have a dedicated button to voice messages, making it easier to send an audio to a contact through the application.

Integrated video calls

With the video calls integrated in Messages, it is easy to move a text message conversation to a video call to continue a face-to-face conversation. By tapping the video call button in the upper right corner of the app, it can now be easily started a Google Duo video call with the person you are sending messages with.

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