Google Photos makes it easy to find your recent photos

Google Photos is the best application to keep your images saved and protected on Android. It is also an application that is regularly updated with all kinds of functions, such as the heat map, which we can also use in Spain. The application now launches a new function, which will allow you to see your most recent photos more quickly.

In the Search section we can find all the images in our account, although many users were missing the ability to quickly find those latest images in the application. Luckily, Google Photos have taken note of this and a new function is introduced.

Google Photos shows you the most recent images

Google Photos recently added

Google Photos really leaves us with two new features. On the one hand, in the Search section we find a new section, which is recently added, where we will be able to see those photos that we have recently uploaded or added to our account in the application. If you were looking for a recent photo, but do not know the exact date, this new section makes it very easy to access them. In this section the photos are organized by upload date.

The other novelty is that of Recent Highlights, which is a function that began its deployment in the renewal of the app recently. It is already available to users in the app. This function shows us a kind of stories, where we can see some of our most recent photos, highlighted by the application itself. If we want, we can easily share these images with our contacts.

The new recently added feature it has already started to be deployed among users in Google Photos. If you already have the most recent version of the application on Android, you have to go to the Search section and see if you get this option called Recently Added and thus see the images that you have recently uploaded to your account.




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