Google Pixel 5: the release date escapes Google France

After months of rumors, most of which have ended up being confirmed as genuine, Google begins to show the renewal of its Pixel. The new mobiles of the Internet giant will go on sale shortly and, meanwhile, different information is being revealed, as has happened in the case of the Google Pixel 5.

From the Google Pixel 4a we already know its specifications and the price at which it will go on sale on September 10, although the first units will not start shipping until October 1. The model targets the mid-range from above rather than from below. To enter from the top is the Google Pixel 5, of which nothing is known for sure, except that it is on its way.

The Google Pixel 5 has also been the subject of rumors and leaks, but of less consistency than those received by the previous model. However, an alleged oversight from Google France that they have neither corrected nor denied, throws the first signal worthy of consideration regarding the launch date of the terminal: November of this year.

Google Pixel 5

The one on the left would be the Google Pixel 5

According to this information, the Google Pixel 5 can be book from October 8at the same time as the Google Pixel 4a 5G. The date makes a lot of sense, because the first days of October are the ones chosen by the company for years for its hardware events. Thus, everything seems to coincide so that expectations are met.

The first week of October, in addition, will be one in which a lot will be read about the Google Pixel 4a, since many will be releasing theirs and if it has gone well – nothing seems to indicate otherwise – the device will be one more incentive to present in partnership with the new flagship hardware handheld from Mountain View.

But there could be more surprises and not only present the Google Pixel 5; also the Google Pixel 5a is in the spotlight. Be that as it may, there are two months ahead in which more details about everything that Google is preparing, including precise technical specifications and the launch of other devices, will surely be released.

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